The park is still under heavy construction, so don't worry about those potholes and broken gas pipes... they should be fixed as soon as we find more cardboard boxes that can be used as hard hats.

You heard the underpaid employee wearing a sheet, it's always Halloween here at Juniper's Winter Wonderland. So grab that neglected undine costume of yours from the closet (which you promised yourself you would lose 10 pounds for so you could fit into it by the time Halloween rolled around, but instead you became a manic depressive and gained 50 pounds) because, man, you've got some kids to scare! Oh... well, I guess kids are welcome, too... just clean up after them, ok? If you ever have any questions or need some of that pink sawdust stuff to clean up your child's vomit, please visit the Information and Sanitation Station. Have a frightful night! MWAHAHAHAHAAA *cough* ugh... I shouldn't do that.

Recent Addition!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to receieve your free ticket to the house of dooom! Better be quick though, tickets are going fast! ... Brrr it's cold. Maybe you should bring a sweater.

Other attractions:
Mysterious Gallery of Mysteries
The Tar Pit
Museum of Oddities
About the Creator
A Spooky Interview With Winter Wonderland's Creator

Last tar pit related accident was reported on 1:03pm on Sombdi, the 77th day of Spring, 546.